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Taking Legal Action Following A Physical & Sexual Assault

Dear Brian, I was physically and sexually assaulted by a resident of a Care Home where I was working in February 2008.  I have since suffered panic attacks, anxiety, depression, post traumatic str...

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My Solicitor Is Advising That I Accept A Modest Offer

Dear Brian I am involved in a Court case.  I had an initial very supportive report from a Doctor.  The Defendants made a modest offer which my Solicitor recommended we should reject.  The expert...

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Have A Question About Fibromyalgia?

Were you involved in an accident or work related injury that triggered your Fibromyalgia? Would you like to know whether you can make a claim? You can now post your legal questions online! I will b...

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Class Action Lawsuit Against The UK Government

The following question was posted to me on Twitter: Do you think there are any grounds for a class action against UK government for failing to provide health service for ME/CFS patients? My answer...

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Fibromyalgia Association’s Charity Fundraising Evening

This weekend, a charity fundraising evening in support of the Fibromyalgia Association will be held in Coventry. The event will take place at Coventry City Supporters' Club on September 3rd at 7.30...

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