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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

Distressed LadyWe are specialist lawyers who act for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME sufferers throughout England and Wales.

What is ME?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME as it is often called, is a chronic condition in which sufferers have to endure symptoms including profound and overwhelming fatigue, muscle pain and mental fogginess as well as problems with concentration. Unlike many other conditions, CFS does not improve significantly with prolonged rest.

What causes ME?

No-one knows exactly what causes ME, but there are several theories including contracting a viral infection, sleep disturbances, physical and emotional trauma and brain abnormalities.

How we can help

If you suspect that your ME has been triggered by or has deteriorated as a result of an accident not your fault, Brian Barr Solicitors’ expert team can act for you in your claim against the party who caused your injury. In addition, if you have the benefit of an ill health retirement pension or an insurance policy with critical illness cover (often referred to as total permanent disablement entitlement), we can also assist with those claims and give you all the advice and assistance that you need.

Funding your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME claim

To find out more about funding your ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome claim, please go to our funding page.

If you need assistance or have any queries, call us now on: 0161 737 9248 for expert advice about any aspect of your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME claim or e-mail for a free Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME claim consultation.


Action for ME
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Canningford House
38 Victoria Street
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Tel: 0845 1232 380

ME Association
4 Top Angel
Buckingham Industrial Park
MK18 1TH
Admin: 0844 576 5326

ME Connect
ME Association’s information and listening service
Tel: 0844 576 5326

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Case Study

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome case studies
se Study 1 AB was a pre-existing sufferer of M.E. who, prior to an accident was able to pace herself to enable her to carry out regular contracts of employment albeit with breaks in between contracts as and when necessary to fit in with her symptoms. She was able to enjoy a relatively active lifest...

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