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Fibromyalgia and some of its co-conditions
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If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you may find that your symptoms extend beyond those of the condition itself to include factors such as: depression, IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome, for example.  These disorders are known within...Read More
Good Vibrations: can vibration exercise really help with fibromyalgia symptoms?
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It has been well publicised that low impact, non-weight-bearing exercise may be beneficial to the relief of fibromyalgia symptoms.  In addition to contributing to a greater sense of wellbeing, the reported advantages of light and regular...Read More
Fibromyalgia sufferer wins key test case
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Mr JH had the benefit of an income protection insurance policy. Insurers refused to pay, relying on a Chronic Pain Abilities Determination (CPAD) administered by Mr David Newman (a UK Osteopath and Director and Senior Assessor...Read More
Can I claim compensation following a serious assault?
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Dear Brian I was the victim of a very serious assault in my local park. I was out walking my dog when I was suddenly attacked by a group of youths. I was knocked to the...Read More
From Bee Stings to Van Gogh: 5 unusual pain remedies to explore or avoid!
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Ever heard that eating olives or sucking a lemon can cure motion sickness? The theory behind this remedy, according to Prevention magazine’s editor Rebekah George, is that: “Motion sickness causes you to produce excess saliva, which...Read More
Modern Medicine vs Traditional Healing
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If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you’ve likely heard some of the arguments for trying both traditional healing methods and modern medicine for easing your symptoms; you may have even tried out a few. Advice on the...Read More
Is chronic pain affecting your relationship?
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Living with a chronic pain condition, such as fibromyalgia, can be difficult enough in itself but, when it comes to relationships, it can also cause additional complications. Aside from the pain associated with fibromyalgia, the illness...Read More
Could there be any link between my Fibromyalgia and my headaches? Brian answers your questions
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Dear Brian I was involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a whiplash injury. After a few months, I started to develop widespread pain before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I can no longer work and...Read More
Fibromyalgia Sufferers Listen Up!
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Feel like nobody understands? Worrying about new symptoms? Need support? We’re hoping these Fibromyalgia Facts might help you, these prove you are not alone and people DO understand. If your FM was triggered or made worse...Read More
Autumn and Fibromyalgia
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Autumn can be a beautiful time of year, with the turning colours of the leaves and the cool, crisp, change in weather. However, for some sufferers of fibromyalgia it can also herald a negative change in...Read More