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How Fibromyalgia is diagnosed
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If you have been through the process of being diagnosed for fibromyalgia, you will know that it can be frustrating and worrying time. Fibromyalgia forums are full of the stories of individuals who are going through/have...Read More
Infrared workout clothes could benefit Fibro Sufferers
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At the beginning of this year, we shared a blog article exploring some of the wearable technology available to chronic pain sufferers. The article had been inspired by the recent buzz at CES 2015 (the Consumer...Read More
New research may bring us a step closer to understanding and treating fibromyalgia… as well as explaining it to the sceptics!
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Aside from the symptoms, one of the greatest frustrations of suffering from a chronic pain illness, such as fibromyalgia, can be convincing others that the illness is real and not psychosomatic. Mari Skelly and Kelley Blewster...Read More
Can routine reduce your stress? 5 time management tips for people with fibromyalgia
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Too much to do and too little time? Sound familiar?  Considering our increasingly busy lifestyles, it’s easy to understand how we can begin to feel that time is not our friend. Feeling the pressure of time...Read More
Can I make a Fibromyalgia claim if I was injured abroad?
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Dear Brian I have developed fibromyalgia after an accident at work in 2013 and I want to make a claim. I work for a British company but we have offices abroad and the accident happened when...Read More
Can diet help to control fibromyalgia symptoms?
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Those of us that suffer from a chronic pain illness, such as fibromyalgia, have probably spent time looking for alternative treatments that may ease the symptoms. As Kathleen Holton, PhD, MPH, lead author of Potential Dietary Links...Read More
The Science of Sleep: Finding the Best Sleep Positions For All Your Aches & Pains
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For those of you that suffer from a chronic pain illness, such as fibromyalgia, it’s likely that you may also find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, approximately two...Read More
Does Smoking Make Chronic Pain Worse?
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If you suffer from fibromyalgia and happen to be a smoker, then you are probably more than used to hearing negative things about your smoking habit. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, smoking really isn’t doing...Read More
Flotation tanks and their use for treating Fibromyalgia
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Flotation tanks, also known as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks, are the latest trend in alternative therapy treatments for fibromyalgia.  We decided to investigate how they work, and how the treatment might benefit sufferers. What...Read More
Will I continue receiving benefits if I win a personal injury claim?
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Dear Brian I receive State Benefits, but I am now about to receive a substantial amount of money in compensation for my personal injury claim.  I suppose my benefits have to end.  Is that correct? Andy...Read More